Why you need by all cost to avoid any kind of trial and error on the social media platform. Be informed. 

News 04:02 February 2024:

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Has it ever occurred to you that nearly everyone you know is on one or another social media platform?  What really makes you stand out among-st such a large number of groups?   Don’t just share; be relevant in whatever you share.  People are always looking for quality content and if you want to benefit from their free likes, ensure that you give them the same.  There is so much wealth that you can benefit from if you wants to know how to find your way out on the social media platform.

When you share anything on any of the social media platforms you need to consider your fans by asking yourself three important questions.  Is it worth posting?  Can it make a difference to my industry and lastly, will it be able to increase my free likes?  As you answer the questions, get to understand in great detail advantages and disadvantages of each platform.  Some of the platforms are best for personal accounts while others make better platforms for marketing purposes.   Through that you will be able to find the right balance.